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What's going on?

Once upon a time there was a guy called Mike who loved whisky. Mike had a very ‘grown-up’ job for a very ‘grown-up’ company which was great, but what Mike really enjoyed was to share his love of whisky with other likeminded souls. He loved talking about whisky, he loved reading about whisky, he loved visiting where whisky was made and of course he loved drinking whisky.

One day when the ‘grown up’ things Mike did were being particularly annoying, Mike sat down with a nice glass of whisky and decided that it was time for a change. He wondered long and hard what he could do that would be more fun than his ‘grown up’ job. While he pondered, he gazed at the whisky he was swirling in his glass then the thought hit him ‘I’ll open a camp site’…

OK, maybe not the brightest idea so fast forward through a brief period of cost exploration on opening a camp site and then a second, far more sensible thought pushed the camp site thought aside. ‘I’ll open a whisky shop’ he proclaimed. The rest as they say was geography…(Mike never was good at history).

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