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What we stock

We do things a little differently here in our wee shop in Shrewsbury. Rather than placing all of our stock online, we would far rather folk spoke to us about their favourite tipples, whether it be in person in the shop of via the telephone. We made this decision a few years ago because we realised that what differentiates us is our ability and willingness to engage with our customers and ensure that they receive the best possible service that results in a fab experience. Below are some examples of the areas we cater to.



First and foremost, we are a whisky shop. As a result we carry an average 0f 300+ whiskies. Our whiskies are mainly single malts from Scotland but we also have representations from Wales, Ireland, England, Japan and other countries from time to time. We believe in rotating the whiskies on the shelf so from one week to the next we will always seek out new and interesting bottlings.



American Bourbons are very much in evidence in our wee shop. Bourbon is gaining quite a following these days and depending on the season, we'll squeeze in 30-40 different examples.



Ahh Gin, very much our 'second fiddle'. Once relegated to three or four brands, there are now in excess of 600 active gin distilleries in the UK alone! We tend to focus on either Shropshire gins or Scottish gins although we do cater for other gins too. All in all we keep 100+ gins in stock.



Very much an upcoming tipple, we have watched rum sales increase steadily for the last few years. We now regularly have 40-50 rums on site (depending on season) and we are always looking out for the new and interesting!


Other tipples

'Other tipples' is a broad church for us but stock a selection on Vodka, Brandy, Tequila, Port and other nice things depending on the time of year.



We love our beer and as such we keep an ever changing representation of local beers at hand.



We keep a modest range of tubed Cuban, Honduran and Nicaraguan cigars in stock. Since installing the humidor last year, we have broadened the range and will continue to do so.


Glencairn Glassware

We offer a range of glassware from Glencairn crystal that while primarily focused on whisky does on occasion branch out to glassware suitable for other drinks.

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